“Usha is an outstanding teacher.  She patiently listens to truly understand what is going on holistically and takes the time to explain what she will do and why. With the precision of a surgeon, she works on areas to release tension and improve well being.  She also taught me exercises I could do myself to live a much healthier life.  Usha’s approach is truly transformational to the body and mind.
— Maria, Rye
Usha is a consummate student of the amazing Yamuna Body Rolling approach to being in tune with ourselves. She is a gifted practitioner who is sensitive and committed to helping people rediscover their natural alignments and find release from common problems posed by callouses, bunions, flat feet, knee and joint aches and incorrect breathing. She has helped me identify missteps in my posture and gait to awaken my feet with the”Foot Wakers” and has been a fantastic coach guiding me to understand the power within us to heal ourselves.
— Rupa, New Jersey
I tore a calf muscle and Usha took me through how to use the Yamuna balls and foot wakers soon after. I started feeling more grounded and better aligned quickly. In fact, my chiropractor said I’ve healed in record time. Thanks Usha!
— Patrick (Ski Instructor), Colorado