About Yamuna®

Under the leadership of Yamuna Zake, a master teacher of body sustainability, what began as singular dedication with focused hands-on body work, has evolved into a global brand with a network of over 450 certified practitioners and the attendance of over 2,000 holistic practitioners in Yamuna branded teacher training and workshops worldwide.


Yamuna® Body Rolling


An unique, simple and effective method of physical fitness, healing and relaxation with a ball.  This self-care routine has many benefits including direct bone stimulation, increased muscle tone, improved posture and alignment , increased flexibility and range of motion and increased organ function. 




Yamuna combines the Breath of Fire and Yamuna® Body Rolling to create a powerful practice that helps you to build a stronger, more flexible, well aligned structure from the inside out. Through the power of inhalation and exhalation, you will learn to expand and support your body's structure, release tension, and build inner strength and a solid core. By directing your breath, you will be able to free restrictions in the body.




Yamuna believes that our feet are the foundation of the body and that Yamuna® Foot Fitness is essential for everyone at any fitness level.  Strengthen your feet and you will strengthen your whole body. Once your feet are working correctly, they require only 5-10 minutes to keep them happy.

Increase flexibility, range of motion and alignment; correct and prevent painful foot problems such as fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes and Morton neuromas.